Graduate Supervision Reporting (GSR)

You are strongly encouraged to complete a self-assessment report each term. This helps you, your supervisor, the Faculty, and your college to keep track of your academic development over the course of your studies. It is an opportunity for you to recap and reflect on the term and your experience. Comments submitted by you, your supervisor and the DGS are confidential and only people with appropriate access will be able to see your reports.

Your report will be used by your supervisor(s) as a basis to complete a report on your performance in the same reporting period, for identifying areas where further work may be required, and for reviewing your progress against agreed timetables and plans for the term ahead. GSR will alert you by email when your supervisor or the Director of Graduate Studies has completed your report and it is available for you to view.

When and how to submit your report

Access to Graduate Supervision Reporting (GSR) for students is via Student Self Service. The reporting window opens in Week 7 of each term and will be open for 3 weeks. You will be sent an email notification with details of how to log in at the start of each reporting window, and who to contact with queries. Please submit you report before the reporting window closes as it can’t be reopened.

What to cover

Do use this opportunity to: 
•    Review and comment on your academic progress during the current reporting period
•    Measure your progress against the timetable and requirements of your programme of study 
•    List your engagement with the academic community
•    Raise concerns or issues regarding your academic progress to your supervisor
•    Outline your plans for the next term (where applicable)

The GSR webpage has a list of frequently asked questions and provides information on how to submit a report and who can see your report. For techinical issues with GSR please contact the Student Systems Support Centre

Concerns on GSR should relate directly to academic progress. If you are dissatisfied with any other aspects of provision e.g. your supervisory relationship or your working environment, you should raise these with the Director of Graduate Studies in the first instance, and pursue them through the department’s complaints procedure if necessary. If you are unsure who your Supervisor or the Director of Graduate Studies is at any stage, please contact the Academic Administrator (Graduate Studies).